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Yearly Archives: 2012

Announcing: Kick Ass Social Commerce

The last time you watched an old Tupac video, did you think, “man, that guy really had his look figured out?” Did you then say to yourself, “I would totally rock that look, and I’ve even got a bandana, but how do I fold it?” Well, at least 253,548 people did. That’s the number of people that watched John Lawson’s YouTube video “Bandana Folding: How to Fold a Bandana—4 Popular Ways,” the video that transformed his middling bandana company and turned him into an eBay Platinum PowerSeller and Amazon TopSeller who generates millions of dollars in sales, …

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Meet Caroline!

In her own words:

Caroline North is the Publishing Assistant at BenBella Books. She works closely with the Publisher on a wide variety of issues, including the acquisition process. Caroline graduated from Kenyon College in 2010 with a BA in English Literature. She hates untangling things, but loves to dance and overshare. …

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Meet Lindsey!

With BenBella’s 10 year anniversary looming, I’m thankful for the talented network of authors, agents and staff that our company has been able to attract. In a time of publishing recession, we have grown remarkably. And we are still growing! As we look toward 2013 and work to take on even bigger and more ambitious projects, …

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Welcome to BenBella, Dr. Gladney!

Dr. Lawana Gladney, known simply as “Dr. G” to many, is CEO of Emotional Wellness, Inc. Through her business, she has counseled both individuals and Fortune 500 companies on how to overcome the emotional obstacles that often stand between us and our most healthy, successful lives. Dr. G has spoken to and provided training programs for corporations including Aetna, …

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Announcing: The Compaq Revolution

Anyone who followed the personal computing boom of the 1980’s is familiar with the extraordinary example of start-up Compaq. What began as a rough sketch of a PC — on a napkin at Houston’s famed “House of Pie,” no less — led to the first legally reverse-engineered IBM computer and first year sales that exceeded $100 million, …

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The Gift of Addiction

Christopher Kennedy Lawford has spent a significant portion of his career lecturing and writing books on the subject of substance abuse, himself in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction for now more than 25 years. His first book and memoir, Symptoms of Withdrawal, was released in 2006. It immediately became a New York Times Best Seller, …

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Even Seth Godin Needs A Publisher

I’m a big fan of Godin’s writing, and have been in awe of the care and diligence with which he has built his audience over many years. When he announced that he was self-publishing his future books, it made sense to me. Very few authors have as powerful an ability to communicate directly to their market as Godin does. …

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Rielle Hunter’s book now On Sale

The John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair has been making headlines for years. Hunter has been at the center of a media firestorm and the subject of public scrutiny. Now, she tells her side of the story.

In her book, What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, and Me, Hunter reveals personal accounts of her relationship with John Edwards, …

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What Really Happened at Hotel Rwanda?

In April 1994, violence broke out in the African country of Rwanda that would result in more than 800,000 deaths — the majority of victims from the Tutsi ethnic group — in a span of three months. During what is now officially known as “The Genocide Against the Tutsi”, a hotel manager named Paul Rusesabagina provided a shelter for refugees in the Hotel des Mille Collines. …

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BenBella Cause

Almost two years ago I announced the formation of BenBella Cause, a small line of books associated with various charities. For books in the BenBella Cause line, we donate half of our profits back to the relevant charity.

I’m delighted to announce that our first gift was just made, $18,000 to The Lab School of Washington DC. …

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