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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Announcing: Screw the Valley

While the “Silicon Valley” derives its name from the large number of silicon chip innovators who put down roots in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay, in the decades since the tech-boom, that name has come to be synonymous with technology corporations and startups of all kinds. A 2008 study revealed that when the entire Bay area is taken into account, …

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Meet Katie!

Katie Kennedy is a Marketing Assistant at BenBella Books. She grew up in Arlington and then moved down the road to Fort Worth, where she graduated from Texas Christian University with a BA in English. She feels pretty lucky to have found a job at a publishing company that didn’t involve moving away from her family or her favorite restaurants. …

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Meet Jessika!

Jessika Rieck is the Production Assistant at BenBella Books. She attended Bryn Mawr College where she graduated with a BA in English Literature and a new appreciation for the German language. (Her favorite word is herumtollen – to cavort.) Jessika likes reading poetry, transformative works, and experimental fiction. If she had one wish, …

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