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Meet Lindsey!

With BenBella’s 10 year anniversary looming, I’m thankful for the talented network of authors, agents and staff that our company has been able to attract. In a time of publishing recession, we have grown remarkably. And we are still growing! As we look toward 2013 and work to take on even bigger and more ambitious projects, we have needed to expand our ranks to accommodate those ambitions. Departments across BenBella, including Administration, Marketing, Acquisitions and Editorial, have each hired recently. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to the newest members of our team. To start the series, please join me in welcoming Lindsey Hall!


In her own words:

Lindsey Hall is the Marketing Assistant at BenBella Books. She works closely under the guiding hand of both Lindsay Marshall and Jennifer Canzoneri to promote and market each of BenBella’s selected titles for upcoming release. Lindsey graduated from the University of Arkansas in 2011 with a BA in English Literature. She loves constructing a good sentence, oftentimes seen scribbling a phrase onto a spare napkin, but admittedly has a knack for butchering the household idiom. (A dime a dozen? She thought it was cousin.) Her favorite book is Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and her favorite movie is It Happened One Night by Frank Capra. She loves to travel, having been blessed to live abroad in both England and Spain, but continues to struggle with any sense of direction. (She is notorious for carrying a GPS system in her purse.) Given the time and opportunity, she hopes to explore every language and culture, but for now, she is happy to reside in her native Dallas, where she has no fear of getting lost.



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