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Yearly Archives: 2015

‘Telomerase Revolution’ named one of WSJ’s “Best Books for Science Lovers”

Thrilled to see a BenBella title–Michael Fossel’s The Telomerase Revolution–featured by The Wall Street Journal as one of the five Best Books for Science Lovers in 2015!

The Telomerase Revolution, published in October of this year, uses revolutionary new anti-aging research to support its thesis–that we are closer to preventing and reversing the process of aging than ever before. …

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New vegan title offers a more holistic approach to a plant-based diet

Anyone who has made the transition to a plant-based diet (or simply tried to incorporate more vegetables onto their plates) would probably agree that a successful dietary transition depends on more than the diet itself. As with any major transformation, roadblocks that impede positive change can come in many forms: mental or emotional barriers, a busy schedule, …

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Fascinating New Insights on Raising Successful Children

In large part because of documentaries like Waiting for “Superman,” there is an increased awareness society-wide about the failings of our current educational system; namely, that it is–by design–laden with flaws and offers unequal opportunities to students to succeed. As a result, the school-aged population in the United States has all but lost its global competitive edge, …

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Beyond Mars and Venus cover revealed!

I’m delighted to reveal the cover design for an upcoming BenBella title, Beyond Mars and VenusThe design is reminiscent of the original Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus cover while incorporating new elements that reflect this follow-up book’s message (you can read more in-depth about the similarities and differences between the two books in my previous blog post on the topic). …

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Lunch with Jorge Cruise

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jorge Cruise in NYC recently to discuss his upcoming book to be published by BenBella, Tiny and Full (you can read my previous blog post about the book here). It was a pleasure having lunch with Jorge; we’re all looking forward to the release of the book this December! …

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More BenBella authors get national media!

There’s some national buzz surrounding two more of our BenBella authors, Tonya Craft and Kim Goldman!

Tonya, whose recent book Accused has already garnered significant positive feedback from media outlets and events in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN (her book signing at a Barnes & …

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Pamela Anderson on TODAY

In case you missed it, Pamela Anderson gave an excellent interview on TODAY this week: thoughtful, lighthearted, and honest, just like the book she was promoting, Raw. Below are some behind-the-scenes photos taken by co-author Emma Dunlavey from the interview day, and you can watch the interview in full here. …

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