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Announcing: Kick Ass Social Commerce

The last time you watched an old Tupac video, did you think, “man, that guy really had his look figured out?” Did you then say to yourself, “I would totally rock that look, and I’ve even got a bandana, but how do I fold it?” Well, at least 253,548 people did. That’s the number of people that watched John Lawson’s YouTube video “Bandana Folding: How to Fold a Bandana—4 Popular Ways,” the video that transformed his middling bandana company and turned him into an eBay Platinum PowerSeller and Amazon TopSeller who generates millions of dollars in sales, annually. That “middling” urban accessories business — 3rd Power Outlet — is now so successful that American Express featured him in a commercial.

John continues to run 3rd Power Outlet, but in light of its success, he has also made a career out of speaking to small business owners. Through his brand, ColderICE eCommerce Education, John has spoken at small business, eBay and eCommerce summits across the globe, and he recently developed his own ICE conference, which sold-out in its first year. John is an expert when it comes to harnessing the power of the internet and social media for marketing and selling, and entrepreneurs eat up the insights he has to offer. He’s also attractive because in an age where apps and interactive sites abound — from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest (it’s enough to make one’s head spin) — he’s perfectly willing to say that certain practices are a waste of time, and point you to the ones that aren’t.

We’re ecstatic to be working with John on his first book project, entitled Kick Ass Social Commerce for ePreneurs. John is funny, sharp-shooting, unpretentious and knowledgeable. You can expect those same characteristics to come through in Kick Ass Social Commerce. He’s a delight to work with and should be a delight to read!

Check out the Amex commercial “Lots of Questions” below. Interestingly, it features John as well as another BenBella Author, Chris Zane (Reinventing the Wheel).

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