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Yearly Archives: 2009

Why We Are Thriving

As a boutique publisher sitting here in Dallas, far from center of the publishing world, it can get a little isolating sometimes. I find myself turning to the numerous publishing and writing blogs for a sense of community, but I’m thinking about cutting back on that. The overall tone is so negative these days that it can be a bit depressing. …

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10 Awful Truths About Publishing

Steven Piersanti, President, of one the best independent publishers,  Berrett-Koehler, cheers us up with these awful truths, including:

3. Average book sales are shockingly small, and falling fast.

5. A book has less than a 1% chance of being stocked in an average bookstore.

7.  …

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A wonderful acquisition by two leaders in the attachment parenting movement

Pediatrician and blogger at Susan Markel, M.D. and Linda Palmer’s WHAT YOUR PEDIATRICIAN MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT RAISING A HEALTHY CHILD: from Birth Onward, exploring the significant difference between standard, industry-driven pediatric advice and what many researchers now know to be the best parenting practices, and providing parents with clear and sensible insight into the latest findings around every common aspect of child health and development where traditional pediatric practice falls short, …

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The Zen of Social Media

I’m delighted to announce the acquisition of Shama Hyder’s The Zen of Social Media, a practical guide to social media for business big and small. Shama is an upcoming social media superstar – you heard it here first – you will be seeing a lot of her in the upcoming years.  Here is a taste of Shama, …

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