Yearly Archives: 2011

Entrepreneurial Endeavors, 3/17/11

One summer during my elementary school years I was sitting around the house and I decided to create my own magazine. I mean, anyone could stir together water and a package of powdered lemonade, but being an editor and publisher as a kid? Now that was exciting.

Out came the paper, scissors, glue, …

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The Life of an Editor, 1/25/11

It was a long Saturday in the classroom for the cohort of executive MBA students, with four hours of instruction in the morning, followed by lunch and then four more hours of a different course. The afternoon professor was eager to present himself to the group since it was the first day of class—he definitely had more pep in his step than the students who’d already sat through an extensive lesson on Net Present Value that morning. …

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We Heart Borders

Borders is struggling right now. On top of our belief – along with most of the publishing world, I’m sure – that the industry is better off with a thriving Borders, they’ve been a particular friend of ours over the years. We’ve developed a dozen-odd Borders Exclusive titles for them, and really have enjoyed working with them and have learned a great deal in the process. …

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