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Welcome to BenBella, Dr. Gladney!

Dr. Lawana Gladney, known simply as “Dr. G” to many, is CEO of Emotional Wellness, Inc. Through her business, she has counseled both individuals and Fortune 500 companies on how to overcome the emotional obstacles that often stand between us and our most healthy, successful lives. Dr. G has spoken to and provided training programs for corporations including Aetna, ATT, the Department of Defense, Freddie Mac, IBM, Pepsi, Pitney Bowes, and Texas Instruments, and has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs.  With the forthcoming title, If You Are In The Driver’s Seat…Why Are You Lost? , Dr. G will share her unique brand of advice—compelling, relatable and warm—via the written page.

We at BenBella are excited to partner with Dr. Gladney on this inspirational project. The book is structured around the concept of damage control, or getting back on track when you seem to have lost your way. Dr. Gladney holds a doctorate in Instructional Psychology, and has achieved remarkable success in her career, but she emphasizes that she has not lived a “kool-aid” life: she has done this while jumping the same emotional hurdles as any working mother of four. Dr. G credits her success to certain strategies and insights that have allowed her to think positively and manage her finances, friendships, love relationships, and spiritual connection to God—to name only a few examples that will be addressed in the book—in the face of adversity. Hence, this “Ultimate Guide to Creating an Amazing Life,” will be as much a confession of the tools that Dr. Gladney has relied upon in her own life, as the work of a trained psychologist.

Welcome, "Dr. G!"

Welcome, “Dr. G!”

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