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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Announcing: Sacred Success®

In the midst of a devastating financial situation, Barbara Stanny’s life changed when she interviewed successful business women for a freelance assignment and felt inspired by their wisdom and experiences.

Now a leading expert on women and money, Stanny travels the country educating women about finances. Her goal? To empower women financially.  …

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Living in the (very healthy) present

Like most forward-thinking managers, I try to envision the future and manage the business with an eye towards where things are going.

But it’s possible to overdo this. There have been so many doom-crying predictions – print books are dead, publishers are obsolete, etc. – that it’s easy to forget what’s actually happening right now. …

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Announcing: Eat Well

Dr. Linda Bacon’s first book, Health At Every Size, was an eye-opening, myth-busting game changer for a society obsessed with weight loss and dieting. Met with both positive and skeptical feedback, HAES uses exhaustive scientific research to debunk the notion that fat means “unhealthy” – or that a thin figure signifies good health. …

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