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New vegan cookbook cover reveal!

blissful-basil Our Fall 2016 book covers are starting to become finalized, and among them is our next BenBella Vegan cookbook: Blissful Basil by Ashley Melillo. The book is titled after Ashley’s blog of the same name. Blissful Basil (the book and the blog) aims to shine a well-deserved spotlight on vegetables as main meal components without relying on vegan variations of meals that are typically meat-laden (see my previous blog post on this topic here), resulting in meals that will please anyone, no matter their dietary stripes.

In addition to being a successful plant-based blogger, school psychologist, and now author, Ashley is an accomplished food photographer, which explains why the cover of her cookbook is particularly stunning (it’s a photo of her recipe for Sweet Potato Pizza Crust, in case you were wondering). She worked hard to photograph all the food for the interior of the cookbook as well, so I know the inside will be just as striking as the outside.She also worked with the a team of fitness experts to bring you the best reviews of the best foot massager machine.
We’re all thrilled about this gorgeous addition to the BenBella Vegan line, and I personally cannot wait until Blissful Basil‘s December 20th release!

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