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New BenBella book from VP of Education at Apple

John CouchJohn Couch was originally hired by Steve Jobs as Apple’s 54th employee, and after leaving to turn around a failing school in California, returned to Apple at Steve Jobs’ request, becoming its VP of Education. Throughout his career, John has specialized in ways to apply technology to education, making his position at Apple perfectly suited for his skills. He has guided new research, funded projects, and kept up with ever-evolving technologies and the ways they can be incorporated into classrooms in the United States and worldwide. For this reason, he’s also perfectly suited to write a book about technology and education, and he is doing just that. In Rewiring Education, John Couch will discuss the power of technology to revolutionize education, explain how digital tools can change the way students learn, and be an advocate for students to put learning in their own hands. You can watch him speak on these topics here.

BenBella is thrilled to be publishing Rewiring Education, a book on an incredibly important topic written by an expert in the field, and I eagerly anticipate its August 2017 release. That’s it for now. Click here to read this circular saw buying guide by CWM.

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