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“Making a Murderer” attorneys face off on Dr. Phil

There’s a good chance you are one of the millions of viewers riveted by Netflix’s original true crime series Making a Murderer, released in December 2015. If so, there’s also a good chance that you walked away from the show with the popular opinion that Steven Avery was wrongly convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach, and was furthermore a victim of a corrupt police force that conspired to get a guilty verdict, no matter the cost.

The chief villain in the series is unquestionably Ken Kratz, the lead prosecutor on the case. Kratz has seen death threats as a direct result of the public’s reaction to his appearance in the documentary and has been the target of countless other instances of harassment. In his book Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What Making a Murderer Gets Wrong, published in February by BenBella, Kratz sets the record straight, providing new evidence from the case—the full, unedited truth that viewers of Making a Murderer did not get to see but the jury did. 

Kratz has been making the rounds recently, speaking with many different news outlets about his book and about the misrepresentation of the case by the media. Most recently, he faced off with Jerry Buting, one of Steven Avery’s defense attorneys in Making a Murderer, on the Dr. Phil show, in a riveting debate about the Avery case, including their accounts of what happened and their opposing opinions on some of the most controversial points of the documentary. You can see more here.

Avery is a fascinating account of Ken Kratz’s under-reported side of the now infamous Steven Avery case, and includes a revealing foreword by Nancy Grace. His discussions of the case, and his personal struggles with addiction, never before discussed openly, make for a fantastic read for anyone seeking the whole, undiluted truth. 

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