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BenBella Hires Former Rizzoli Associate Publisher to Lead Smart Pop Imprint

BenBella has hired Robb Pearlman as Editor-in-Chief of its pop-culture imprint, Smart Pop Books.
Robb joins BenBella from Rizzoli, where he was an Associate Publisher.
Over his career, Robb has led the revitalization of publishing and merchandising programs for classic characters including Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, managed book-to-film rights for front and backlist titles, and conceived of and acquired internationally bestselling works based on licensed properties including Star Trek, Bob’s Burgers, Bob Ross and more, from Fox/Disney, Sony, CBSViacom/Paramount, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, and many others. He is the author of over 30 books, a frequent guest speaker at pop culture conventions and events, and has been featured as a pop culture expert online, on air, on podcasts, and in print.
Robb will be acquiring broadly in the pop culture space. 

3 thoughts on “BenBella Hires Former Rizzoli Associate Publisher to Lead Smart Pop Imprint”

  1. So happy to hear the news. Robb is a gem. You are lucky to have him as your new editor in chief

  2. Wonderful news! Robb is tuned in the collective zeitgeist, absolutely – SmartPop scored big time by hiring a talented publisher and cultural touchstone! Case in point – when I read Robb’s book, PINK IS FOR BOYS, during library-time, the most honest and poignant discussion was had among a very thoughtful kindergarten class: we talked about how one boy wore his sparkle-pink back pack to school and got made fun of on the first day. But months later (and with some grown-up help), all the little kiddos decided this pink sparkle back pack was waaaay cool, and some even got their own. Thanks, Robb, and thank you teachers everywhere for encouraging these important discussions!

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