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Barbara Stanny on Women’s Financial Success

Check out this great interview with Sacred Success author Barbara Stanny on why women view success differently than men:

The biggest difference between men and women when it comes to money is the following: No matter how much men make, they want more. Once women are financially stable, we are no longer motivated by money. What usually motivates women is the opportunity to help others and a search for significance. Their heart and soul want to make a difference. I asked this group of women making over $100,000, ‘Are you doing what you do for the money?’ Ninety-five percent said, ‘No, I’m doing it for the passion, and I want to be compensated for it, because I am worth it.’

Sacred Success details how women can achieve wealth and power on their own terms, without compromising on their values or sacrificing their true passions. We are delighted to release this unique and important book next month!

Sacred Success

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