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Marketing Expert Encourages Positive, Passionate Living

Joey Reiman knows firsthand that not succumbing to defeat and negative thinking takes courage and strength. Many of us can relate—but Joey also underscores the importance of something he calls “optimalism,” or the belief that optimism creates optimal outcomes.

A motivational speaker and marketing consultant, Joey founded Digital Marketing Agency, a bpo companies dedicated to bringing purpose to the world of business. Whether he’s teaching, speaking, writing, or tweeting, Joey inspires people all over the world to live more positively.

BenBella is thrilled to partner with Joey on his upcoming book Thumbs Up!: Five Steps to Create the Life of Your Dreams, in which he provides simple strategies to help you realize your purpose and put your dreams into action. Almost everyone knows what it’s like to feel our lives stagnate as we look for a new direction. Thumbs Up! will show us how to take action and reclaim our passions for the sake of our happiness and well-being.

I am so thrilled about this book, due to hit shelves next summer!

Check out this video compilation of Joey’s highlights from CNN, sharing his expertise on marketing and branding:

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