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Meet BenBella: Art Director Sarah Dombrowsky

In a new online series called “Meet BenBella,” you’ll get to know members of the BenBella team better through a series of questions about publishing and beyond. Next up, Art Director Sarah Dombrowsky.

What are some of your duties as Art Director?

In short, I handle BenBella’s cover art. We publish such a wide range of books — memoir to humor to science to cookbooks — and it is my job to make sure the cover designs are each attractive (the fun part), …

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Announcing: Screw the Valley

While the “Silicon Valley” derives its name from the large number of silicon chip innovators who put down roots in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay, in the decades since the tech-boom, that name has come to be synonymous with technology corporations and startups of all kinds. A 2008 study revealed that when the entire Bay area is taken into account, …

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Meet Katie!

Katie Kennedy is a Marketing Assistant at BenBella Books. She grew up in Arlington and then moved down the road to Fort Worth, where she graduated from Texas Christian University with a BA in English. She feels pretty lucky to have found a job at a publishing company that didn’t involve moving away from her family or her favorite restaurants. …

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Meet Jessika!

Jessika Rieck is the Production Assistant at BenBella Books. She attended Bryn Mawr College where she graduated with a BA in English Literature and a new appreciation for the German language. (Her favorite word is herumtollen – to cavort.) Jessika likes reading poetry, transformative works, and experimental fiction. If she had one wish, …

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Meet Kathy!

Kathy Kosinski is one of the new Marketing Interns at BenBella Books. She recently moved to Dallas from Detroit, Michigan and is enjoying Texas immensely. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in English and Spanish, and spent an instructive summer at the University of Denver Publishing Institute. Kathy’s three most favorite things are dogs, …

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Announcing: Freedom Factor

Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with Tim Ferriss’ game-changing book, The Four Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich. With it, Ferriss’ whetted the appetites of over a million people, introducing the concept of outsourcing to a new class of entrepreneurs — those who consider themselves to be more or less “average Joe” businessmen. …

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Meet Vy!

Vy Tran is the Editorial Assistant at BenBella Books. She oversees copyright permissions for non-photo content and assists with developing content, including big-picture and detailed editing and copyediting, and maintaining the house style guide and editorial standards. A California native, she graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco in 2012 with a BA in English Literature. …

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Meet Joshua!

Joshua A. Hughes is a marketing assistant at BenBella Books. He received a B.A. in American Studies and has worked in writing and marketing across Texas, including in his hometown of San Antonio. Joshua’s favorite book is The Great Gatsby.

Announcing: Kick Ass Social Commerce

The last time you watched an old Tupac video, did you think, “man, that guy really had his look figured out?” Did you then say to yourself, “I would totally rock that look, and I’ve even got a bandana, but how do I fold it?” Well, at least 253,548 people did. That’s the number of people that watched John Lawson’s YouTube video “Bandana Folding: How to Fold a Bandana—4 Popular Ways,” the video that transformed his middling bandana company and turned him into an eBay Platinum PowerSeller and Amazon TopSeller who generates millions of dollars in sales, …

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