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A wonderful acquisition by two leaders in the attachment parenting movement

Pediatrician and blogger at Susan Markel, M.D. and Linda Palmer’s WHAT YOUR PEDIATRICIAN MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT RAISING A HEALTHY CHILD: from Birth Onward, exploring the significant difference between standard, industry-driven pediatric advice and what many researchers now know to be the best parenting practices, and providing parents with clear and sensible insight into the latest findings around every common aspect of child health and development where traditional pediatric practice falls short, …

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The Zen of Social Media

I’m delighted to announce the acquisition of Shama Hyder’s The Zen of Social Media, a practical guide to social media for business big and small. Shama is an upcoming social media superstar – you heard it here first – you will be seeing a lot of her in the upcoming years.  Here is a taste of Shama, …

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The Power of the Physical

The world is getting more virtual every day. We spend increasingly less time with newspapers and books and more time with our kindles and our laptops. This means that we all need to focus on online marketing and ebooks, on social marketing and powerful virtual communities.

But at same time, this means that opportunities are opening up to market creatively in the physical realm. …

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Three Ideas for Writing Your Book to Be Marketed…

…that will actually improve the editorial quality of your book.

One, establish alliances with key influencers while developing the book. This can take many forms. It starts with identifying the influencers. Who is in a position to speak with authority about your topic and has an audience that listens to what they have to say? …

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