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The Power of the Physical

The world is getting more virtual every day. We spend increasingly less time with newspapers and books and more time with our kindles and our laptops. This means that we all need to focus on online marketing and ebooks, on social marketing and powerful virtual communities.

But at same time, this means that opportunities are opening up to market creatively in the physical realm. As the focus shifts to the virtual world, it’s a perfect time to brainstorm about creative physical initiatives.

Is everyone spending two hours a day on email? Develop a postcard campaign of great cleverness and impact.

Is everyone reading on the kindle? Publish books of outstanding beauty and elegance.

Are galleys going virtual? Develop faux-leather bound galleys.

Are press kits mostly digital? Develop an elaborate and clever press kit with surprising elements.

Are free ebooks the rage? Develop a valuable eight page booklet from your book and distribute widely to your target market…along with a coupon for a discount on the book.

Physical is harder and more expensive than virtual, so it has to be done carefully and cleverly. Tricks don’t work, but beauty and value are always appreciated. Most ideas are wrong for most books, so thoughtfulness is key. But you should give it a try. We are.

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