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Yearly Archives: 2014

A Reporter Gets in Over His Head

When reporter Pete Crooks set out to write a simple feature article about a local PI firm that only staffed mothers, he never expected the biggest story of his career.

Pete met with the firm’s owner, Chris Butler, who was planning to launch a reality show showcasing his business, set to be called P.I. …

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Joe Satriani on Creative Freedom

Check out this great interview with BenBella author and guitar ledgend Joe Satriani in Rolling Stone!

When I started to write music that was completely divorced from any sort of idea of commercial success, the real me started to come out. Normally a musician in a session for a pop record would have to discard a lot of ideas because they won’t fit, …

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Announcing: Finding Zoe

Deaf since age 6, Brandi Rarus, a former Miss Deaf America, had a happy life and a beautiful family: her Deaf husband Tim and their three hearing sons. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing: Brandi had always felt she was meant to have a daughter.

Across state lines, a baby girl named Zoe had started to lose her hearing. …

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Announcing: Mars One: The Human Factor

In 2024, Mars One plans to send the first human mission to mars—four astronauts who will establish a new, permanent human colony on the red planet. More than 200k people applied to be considered for a chance to make history.

But there’s one major catch: Mars will become their permanent home.

If you’re having trouble imagining the type of person who would jump at this opportunity, …

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