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Announcing: Mars One: The Human Factor

In 2024, Mars One plans to send the first human mission to mars—four astronauts who will establish a new, permanent human colony on the red planet. More than 200k people applied to be considered for a chance to make history.

But there’s one major catch: Mars will become their permanent home.

If you’re having trouble imagining the type of person who would jump at this opportunity, you’re not alone! Fortunately for Earthlings, there’s a reality show in the worksthe show will follow the extraordinary selection and training process and give us an up-close look at this unprecedented trip.

There’s also a book in the works. That’s where we come in!

We’re proud to be working with Norbert Kraft, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for the mission, on Mars One: The Human Factor, due to hit shelves in Spring 2015.

Essays in the book will explore the concept of a human colony on Mars, as well as the logistics and psychology behind Martian citizenship.

BenBella is thrilled to announce this exciting title!

Check out this recent CNN feature about the mission:


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