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Joe Satriani on Creative Freedom

Check out this great interview with BenBella author and guitar ledgend Joe Satriani in Rolling Stone!

When I started to write music that was completely divorced from any sort of idea of commercial success, the real me started to come out. Normally a musician in a session for a pop record would have to discard a lot of ideas because they won’t fit, because they’re not commercial. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I had to keep reminding myself I’m free of that and I’m not creating music for any of these reasons for any context other than the Joe Satriani context. “Go right ahead, Joe.” That was my internal encouragement, so I think what happened was that I started to realize that sound started come out.

We’re proud to have published Joe’s fantastic, in-depth look at the evolution of his music. It’s an impressive look at the making of a music legend.

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