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Announcing: Eat Well

Dr. Linda Bacon’s first book, Health At Every Size, was an eye-opening, myth-busting game changer for a society obsessed with weight loss and dieting. Met with both positive and skeptical feedback, HAES uses exhaustive scientific research to debunk the notion that fat means “unhealthy” – or that a thin figure signifies good health.

The HAES movement grew and now includes online support groups and workshops across the country. But though teaching nutrition, Dr. Bacon realized that something was still lacking in the field: instructive texts that didn’t fall back on “fear-based nutrition.” Due to the deficiencies in conventional nutrition books, she was regularly deconstructing their disinformation for her lessons – providing her own supplementary notes and encouraging her students to turn a critical eye toward their reading assignments. However, she was still unsatisfied since the books’ messages were so often contradictory to her teachings, with “recycled” nutrition guidelines based on old or misleading information. The same books usually showed short-sighted knowledge of the power of food choices and availability to influence not only our personal well-being, but the environment and planet as a whole. Dr. Bacon recognized the need for an educational nutrition book that didn’t succumb to common pitfalls or outdated advice, and she decided to solve that problem.

BenBella is thrilled to announce Dr. Bacon’s upcoming book, co-written by Dr. Lucy Aphramor, Eat Well: For your Self, For the World, which “blends in-depth nutrition science with the self-trust and self-acceptance doctrines of HAES.” In her own words, “Eat Well is a response to what’s gone wrong in nutrition studies. Conventional [books] too readily defer to government and industry conclusions, promote corporate-influenced guidelines, ignore the consumer and environmental movements’ powerful concerns and, worse still, are dull to read… Eat Well began as an anti-textbook—notes for my students when conventional works failed them. It celebrates the enjoyment around food that actually motivates good choices.” We are delighted to be collaborating with Dr. Bacon and Dr. Aphramor on this exciting and ground-breaking Pure Garcinia Cambogia
nutrition book!

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