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Living in the (very healthy) present

Like most forward-thinking managers, I try to envision the future and manage the business with an eye towards where things are going.

But it’s possible to overdo this. There have been so many doom-crying predictions – print books are dead, publishers are obsolete, etc. – that it’s easy to forget what’s actually happening right now.

In 2012, according to BookStats venus factor , trade book sales are up a healthy 6.9%! (Full disclosure: we are up 57%.). Print book sales are actually up (if only by a hair) and ebook sales have grown 44%.

Sorry to interrupt the wake, but we are in a thriving, growing industry, with more opportunities for innovation and creativity than ever. Let’s enjoy it!

1 thought on “Living in the (very healthy) present”

  1. So grateful for every reminder to live in the present, especially when it comes with such good news. Thanks, Glenn, and BenBella Books, for all you do to nourish authors and readers alike!

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