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Jodee Blanco is fighting bullying nationally

The author of BenBella’s Please Stop Laughing at Us is getting a lot of air time. As school bullying dominates the media, Jodee Blanco’s visibility as the nation’s ONLY survivor turned activist working inside America’s schools, continues to escalate. In the last ten days alone she has spoken in gyms and auditoriums in nearly a dozen major markets across the country to a combined audience of thousands; been featured on each of the four network affiliate television news broadcasts in each of these cities, plus done multiple radio and newspaper interviews. On the national side, in one twenty-four hour period during those ten days she appeared on CNN/HLN’s News Now with Mike Galanos three times over three consecutive segments live via satellite with viewer call-ins (each hit was ten to fifteen minutes–unheard of for the network).   Hours later she was the featured guest on Jane Velez Mitchell; hours after that she appeared on CBS Network News with Katie Couric.  And last week, CNN.COM featured a second piece that Jodee bylined for the network at their request, which ran as the lead story all weekend.  It was about the Adult Survivor of Peer Abuse, and exclusively promoted Please Stop Laughing At Us…

This is only a SMALL slice of a tour that began July 26th 2010 and continues through April 30th, 2011.   Jodee is  the regular “go to” expert for HLN on bullying; her speaking schedule is already packed with schools and keynotes nationwide; and she’ll be adding a university tour in her Fall 2011 line-up.

This blitz is the culmination of years of work on Jodee’s part – helping kids in schools and spreading her message. Congratulations Jodee!

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