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Jim Peterik on his rock ‘n’ roll life

Check out this phenomenal Illinois Entertainer interview with Jim Peterik, author of Through the Eye of the Tiger!

Jim reflects on his decision to write a memoir:

There were a lot of people saying “you should write a book of your life story,” but I kept thinking, “nobody wants to hear about me.” I didn’t have the train wreck life that the other rock stars have . . . I wrestled with it for a long time thinking “you know, there’s not that much drama in my life.” Well guess what, as I started writing it, I realized there was a whole lot more drama in my life than I really thought!

He goes on to explain what he hopes readers will take away from his story:

I knew from the time I was four years old and picked up a ukulele that not everybody could do what I’m doing and I felt a little special because I had that musical gene. . . . It was always amazing to me when I would see artists that were more gifted than me squandering their gifts with drugs, alcohol, this and that, so if anything comes out of this, I realize that my gift was more important than all those other niceties or so called niceties of the business. . . . I hope [readers] see the image of a person who never gave up and also a person that valued his gift.

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Through the Eye of the Tiger

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