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How to be happy despite the stress of an ever-present news cycle

The past few weeks alone have produced enough high-stakes news to keep one’s mind busy with worry at nearly all times. It seems that with every hour that goes by, another notification lights up our phone screens with a piece of shocking news— another act of terrorism in Europe, buzz about the Trump campaign’s alleged ties with Russia, news about James Comey’s  Senate testimony, or results of the recent elections in the UK and France. These headlines have become a constant presence in our lives, a new reality in our modern, interconnected world.

 Here at BenBella, we recently published a book by Amy Blankson, an expert on the connections between positive psychology and technology, titled The Future of Happiness. Her book offers life-changing strategies, so that readers can find happiness not simply in spite of the pressures of technology, but rather, by integrating technology to achieve a more well-balanced, productive life.

Amy was recently featured in a Wired article on this topic, where she emphasized the importance of finding intentionality behind our use of technology. A solution she offers in this article to combat the sense of powerlessness or futility one may feel when reading the news is to seek out media outlets that also provide readers with concrete actions one can take in response. Read more of the article here

1 thought on “How to be happy despite the stress of an ever-present news cycle”

  1. I am reading the blog to learn how to better publish, but I have to say, this book cover catches my attention as particularly well done. It’s also on a topic that I find interesting. It’s going on my list of books to buy! Thanks for your blog posts!

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