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Former Professor Shares the Keys to Happiness

What Do You Want to Create Today?

If money can’t buy happiness, what can? If you asked Dr. Bob Tobin, he might say the answer is courage fueled by passion.

Bob discovered firsthand that wealth couldn’t bring him self-fulfillment. Living in Southern California with a home near the beach and a lucrative career, Bob still wasn’t truly happy, but he couldn’t explain why—what was missing? Then, after a major change in perspective, he made the decision to relocate to Japan and open an art gallery, and his life and career changed drastically—for the better.

In his book What Do You Want to Create Today?: Build the Life You Want at Work, Bob explains how any individual can find work that truly suits their unique talents and aspirations.

Bob has spent 25 years inspiring thousands of people to work with “power, purpose, and passion,” and his methods have proven successful for anyone from students to seasoned professionals.

Check out this great video of Bob at TEDxTokyo, giving his talk, “Make Your Life Your Art”:

I am so thrilled to announce this book—this is a fun read and a refreshing look at the steps you can take toward a fulfilling career.


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