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Christopher Kennedy Lawford on Fox & Friends

When Your Partner Has An AddictionPsychologists and researchers have long said that staying with a partner who struggles with an addiction—whether it be with drugs, alcohol, or addictive behaviors—actually enables their destructive behavior, and leaves the supportive partner helplessly codependent. But new research indicates that that might not always be the case.

In When Your Partner Has an Addiction, addiction activist and bestselling author Christopher Kennedy Lawford (nephew of JFK) has teamed up with psychotherapist Beverly Engel, MFT to take a fresh look at addiction and codependency—the latest research on what causes them and how the two are linked. It’s an incredibly important topic and these two experts examine it in depth, taking into account the complexities that are often glossed over; rather than treat addiction or codependency as disease or weakness, When Your Partner Has an Addiction honors the trauma and shame that often lie at their source.

Chris was recently on Fox & Friends to discuss the book and his past struggles with addiction. You can watch the clip here. BenBella is proud to have published this important book—congratulations, Chris and Beverly!

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