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Beyond Mars and Venus

I’m delighted to announce an upcoming BenBella book–an updated re-telling of an old classic!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray is one of the best selling books of all time, and has been the go-to relationship guide for millions of people around the world since it was originally published in 1992. So much has changed since then, however–the Internet, online dating, the widespread use of cell phones, and the normalization of gay marriage, just to name a few–that the time is right for a re-vamped relationship guide that retains the traditional wisdom of the old Mars-Venus book while introducing new perspectives and principles that are more relevant to today’s society.

Despite the value of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and the counsel it provided to millions of people, it has often been used to reinforce gender stereotypes. Its core principles were sometimes seen as divisive, and while recognizing and appreciating gender differences is important, so too is recognizing similarities. Enter Beyond Mars and Venus: The Power of Evolutionary Relationships.

Dr. John Gray joined forces with Dr. Warren Farrell, author of the best sellers The Myth of Male Power and Why Men are the Way they Are, and Dr. Marc Gafni, author of the best seller Soul Prints to reevaluate his message. Farrell’s works and teachings focus on the need for liberation from traditional and inflexible gender roles, while Gafni’s works and teachings, influenced by his 18 years in Israel, focus on culture, spirituality, and love. The three made a diverse and well-rounded trio, and, over the course of two years and several dozen in-depth conversations had during long walks, determined the need to publish a next-step Mars-Venus book, which they jointly titled, Beyond Mars and VenusThe authors outlined a new, more flexible perspective of the Mars-Venus relationship as it applied to all areas of life–from relationships, to parenting, to business, to sexuality, and more. The book focuses on finding one’s Unique Self in order to achieve true intimacy.

According to the authors, “Beyond Mars and Venus will both update readers with simple explanations of the sexes’ different starting points, increasingly documented in neuroscience research, and show the degree to which the sexes can change, increasingly documented in neuroplasticity research.”

Written by authors with decades of experience and the newest, most relevant research behind it, Beyond Mars and Venus: The Power of Evolutionary Relationships, coming out Spring 2016, promises to be the new quintessential relationship guide for the new millennium!

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