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BenBella author inducted into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

Michael Burg, author of the upcoming book Trial by Fire, was inducted into trial-by-fire
the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame yesterday in Las Vegas. The Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame “recognizes and honors remarkable trial lawyers who have left an indelible mark on the American legal tradition through a lifetime of service to the American public and the Constitution.” The incredible career that garnered Burg such a high honor is also described in detail, with coauthor Josh Young, in his upcoming book. Trial by Fire: One Man’s Battle to End Corporate Greed and Save Lives details Burg’s incredible life from a bullied Jewish kid in Chicago to one of the most successful trial lawyers of all time. Over the course of his career, Burg has stood up to major companies—including Fen-Phen, Yaz, UBS Warburg, and Zyprexa—to ensure his clients (who ranged from the Little Rascals to Ralph Tamm in the first NFL steroid case) the justice they deserved.

As an inductee into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, Burg joins an impressive group of lawyers including John Adams, Clarence Darrow, Johnny Cochran, and Thurgood Marshall, among others. It’s an incredible achievement and BenBella is proud to have published a book that encapsulates such an impressive career. Congratulations, Mike!

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