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BenBella author Deborah Shames on how to be out front, formidable, and feminine

Our nation’s current state of affairs has proven to be a critical time for women (and subsequently, for us all). From last month’s historical women’s marches to political leaders like Elizabeth Warren making headlines for standing up to the Trump administration, it has become increasingly clear just how key women are to bringing about a new wave of progressivism in our country.

Elizabeth Warren was most recently in the news after she was interrupted and subsequently shut down while speaking to her colleagues in Congress by Congressman Mitch McConnell, who cited an archaic rule as justification for doing so. It served to remind us all how much is at stake for women in our current political climate. BenBella author Deborah Shames has recently come out with a book, Out Front, about how women can become engaging and fearless speakers. Whether they strive to be political leaders or to advance in other careers, Deborah makes a convincing case that we need strong women now more than ever, and equips women to be “out front” in their personal and professional lives—whether speaking in front of a group of five or a group of five hundred.

Deborah was recently interviewed on this topic for The Huffington Post, where she provides invaluable insight, encouraging women to be bold and courageous, and to speak out with confidence. You can read Deborah’s fantastic interview here.

Congratulations, Deborah!

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