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Announcing: Welcome to My Jungle

As Axl Rose’s personal manager during Guns N’ Roses’ ridiculously long Use Your Illusion tour, Craig Duswalt experienced things that would make most people run the other way and never look back. The tour went on nonstop from 1991 to 1993 and was the final tour for the band’s original lineup. And until now, fans have only heard rumors of what went down behind the scenes.

In his upcoming book, Welcome to My Jungle, Craig shares his experiences with one of the most legendary bands in rock and roll history. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes just plain reckless, and always insane, Craig gives readers an inside look at what it’s really like to live and work with a hugely popular band, from the middle of a rock and roll hurricane.

With entertaining and exclusive firsthand stories, Welcome to My Jungle is a true must-read for Guns N’ Roses fans. BenBella is thrilled to be working with Craig on this exciting title!

Thanks to a short clip featuring him at the end of Guns N’ Roses’ Making of Estranged documentary, “Who is Craig Duswalt?” is one of the most frequently asked questions on a popular Guns N’ Roses website. So, who is he? Craig is an award-winning copywriter, public speaker, online radio show host, and the creator of the “RockStar System For Success—How to Achieve RockStar Status in Your Industry.”

Please enjoy this video of Craig speaking about Guns N’ Roses, value for money treadmill reviews and more.

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