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Announcing: The Grassroots Health Care Revolution

John Torinus Jr., chairman of Serigraph Inc., a global manufacturing company with about 500 employees in the states, has made his company an incubator for innovations that add up to new business model for health care.

His first book, The Company That Solved Health Care, was an eye-opening look at his company’s game-changing best elliptical trainer and health care program. Across America, leading companies are now following Serigraph’s example.

Now, in his upcoming book, The Grassroots Health Care Revolution, Torinus shows how pioneering corporations have engaged their employees to tame the hyper-inflation that has plagued the health care industry for decades. Executives in leading companies are deploying management disciplines and marketplace principles to invent a better business model for health care.

Featuring examples and interviews with the business leaders who are at the forefront of these innovations, The Grassroots Health Care Revolution is a game plan for improving workforce health and radically lowering health costs.

BenBella is delighted to be working with John on this important and exciting book!

Please enjoy this video of John speaking about health care in 2009:

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