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Zombie Apocalypse? Yum!

The Art of Eating Through the Zombie ApocalypseZombies are all the brains…excuse me, rage these days, and just in time for Halloween, I’m happy to announce Lauren Wilson’s www.knifefellas a guide on top survival knives and The Art of Eating Through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Culinary Cookbook and Survival Guide.

This book offers a tongue-in-cheek approach to preparing yummy dinner in an apocalyptic society, awesome illustrations, and lots of laughs. With recipes like Apocalypse Nownies, No-Knead to Panic Bread, Roasted Tree Rat, and Shephorde’s Pie, this book will be massively enjoyable for zombie enthusiasts and food geeks alike. BenBella even learned that one bookstore is planning a themed party based on the recipes—fantastic!

Check out this simple and funny recipe from the grilled cheese sandwich section of Raid, Pillage, & Plunder (Your Fridge):

When Things Get Messy
You just watched your loved one’s face get ripped off by a frenzied horde of zombies. That sucks! Why not try:

  • Lots of supermelty cheese, like Gouda or Monterey Jack
  • A healthy dose of something red, spicy, and saucy, like kimchi
  • A handful of dry ramen
  • Sourdough bread

I am thrilled for zombie fans to get their hands on this fun and unique cookbook—available for sale online now and in stores October 28!

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