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“Pretty Little Killers” Authors Reveal Details of Skylar Neese Case on 20/20

A recent episode of ABC 20/20, “Unfriended,” featured Pretty Little Killers authors Daleen Berry and Geoffery C. Fuller explaining details of the tragic case of Skylar Neese—a 16-year-old girl murdered by other teen girls she considered her friends.

Their book offers an in-depth look at a horrifying murder that shocked the nation—why did two high schoolers kill their best friend?

We are honored to have published this important memoir. It is unlike anything I’ve ever read.

The two clips below feature Berry and Fuller—please note these may be upsetting or disturbing to watch:

1 thought on ““Pretty Little Killers” Authors Reveal Details of Skylar Neese Case on 20/20”

  1. I feel that they should be locked up for life. They planned and carried out their best friends murder. They took her life without considering her desires, or how their actions would effect others. They should stay in prison until they can bring Skylar back or they are carried out in a wooden box.

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