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Jennifer Groover Joins the BenBella Team!

 I’m delighted to announce our acquisition Jennifer Groover’s upcoming book of inspiration and practical guidance for entrepreneurs, What If And Why Not? The Fear-Proof Way to Start the Business of Your Dreams. Jen is a dynamo and an inspiration, inventor of the Butler Bag and creator of the Launcher’s Café, and I’m delighted to welcome her to the BenBella family. I was fortunate enough to be in New York for Jen’s birthday party, which was a wonderful event (of course!). At the party were some other friends of BenBella, including The Bra Book author Jené Luciani, website designer extraordinaire Laura Yeffeth, writer Tim Vandehey and the brilliant agenting team of Kristina Holmes and Michael Ebeling.

Jennifer is a dynamic fountain of ideas and insights. Here’s a taste:

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