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Claudia Christian’s Documentary: “One Little Pill”

Last year, BenBella had the honor of publishing Claudia Christian’s memoir, Babylon Confidential, detailing her battle with alcoholism and her discovery of the treatment that saved her life: The Sinclair Method, created by Dr. David Sinclair.

Now, with her new documentary, One Little Pill, Claudia hopes to raise awareness of The Sinclair Method, which advocates a medicinal approach to treating alcoholism. The documentary will feature Dr. Sinclair explaining his extensive research into alcoholism and treatment, as well as testimonials from individuals like Claudia who have found relief with the method.

From Claudia’s Fundly page:

This scientifically documented cure uses Naltrexone, a drug proven to have an 78% success rate in curing alcoholism. Demonstrating only the mildest of side-effects, Naltrexone has been FDA-approved for decades.

Bold and brutally candid, One Little Pill will not only reveal to the world a startling pharmaceutical discovery, but assault the walls of skepticism and denial that perpetuate alcoholism.

Watch a trailer for One Little Pill below:

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