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Category Archives: World of Books

A book as a life’s work

I don’t think we state this as clearly as we should in our submissions pages, but we particularly like books that represent an author’s cause/life’s work/mission. These books tend to be content-rich and written with great care. They also tend to come with authors that have a very healthy attitude about marketing; they will be working in this area for years/decades to come, …

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All Hail the Goddess Chattera

We are a non-denominational publishing house, but if we were to have a house deity, it would have to be goddess Chattera, who controls the mysterious forces of word of mouth.

Few books are successful without at least some element of word of mouth. Definitions differ, but to my thinking word of mouth is everyone that hears about the book and is inspired to purchase it without any intervention on our, …

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Why We Are Thriving

As a boutique publisher sitting here in Dallas, far from center of the publishing world, it can get a little isolating sometimes. I find myself turning to the numerous publishing and writing blogs for a sense of community, but I’m thinking about cutting back on that. The overall tone is so negative these days that it can be a bit depressing. …

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10 Awful Truths About Publishing

Steven Piersanti, President, of one the best independent publishers,  Berrett-Koehler, cheers us up with these awful truths, including:

3. Average book sales are shockingly small, and falling fast.

5. A book has less than a 1% chance of being stocked in an average bookstore.

7.  …

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