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Author finds her calling in creating healthy desserts

Love FedBenBella is proud to offer a wide range of outstanding cookbooks, and the upcoming Love Fed: Purely Decadent, Simply Raw, Plant-Based Desserts is no exception.

Author Christina Ross discovered her talent for creating recipes somewhat unexpectedly:

“I am an accidental chef if there ever was one. Until I began playing around with dessert recipes, I had never cooked for anyone. . . It tasted so delightful that I shocked myself.”

As she began to experiment with preparing plant-based versions of her favorite desserts, she found that she loved them even more than the treats she grew up eating.

“I found that these creations were far superior in taste, texture, and nutrition than the traditional sweets that had inspired them.”

Ross found her calling in creating healthy, raw, plant-based desserts, and soon after, she and her partner Alex started their dessert business PatisseRaw, with products available in several California stores. Ross also blogs at, where she shares recipes and glimpses into her life.

Love Fed is such a unique and exciting cookbook, offering amazing desserts that are so genuinely delicious, they’ll appeal to virtually everyone with a sweet tooth—not just vegans!

I am thrilled for readers try these great recipes when the book hits shelves in March. Stay tuned for news about our other upcoming cookbooks!

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