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The Blood of Patriots

By Bill Fulton and Jeanne Devon


Set against the vast, rugged, and sometimes lawless backdrop of Alaska, The Blood of Patriots is the story of an ideology gone bloody in the distorted belief that murder is patriotic. It is the true story of how Fulton wrestled his demons and became an undercover confidential informant for the FBI, helping to bring down a militia whose charismatic leader was plotting to kill federal judges and their families as well as law enforcement officers.

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ISBN: 978-1-944648-08-4

Publication Date: September 2017

ISBN: 978-1-944648-07-7

Publication Date: September 2017

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“This reads like an Elmore Leonard yarn and wakes you up like a Jon Stewart bit. A fascinating and hilarious dive into the alt-right wing that loves alternative facts and is now trying to create alternative history. By any means necessary.”

– THOM HARTMANN, New York Times bestselling author and internationally syndicated radio host

The Blood of Patriots is one hell of a read. It’s a page turner that combines the thrilling elements of a Richard North Patterson novel with the hard hitting gonzo reportage of the late Hunter S. Thompson. Its publication couldn’t be more timely. I salute Bill Fulton. This book taught me what patriotism really means.”



When Bill Fulton arrived in Alaska, he was filled with optimism and big dreams. When he left, it was under FBI escort.

Bill was an Army Infantryman, and when his knees, back, and ankles gave out, he opened the Drop Zone, a military surplus supply store in Anchorage. He started hiring fellow vets: sharpshooting hippies, crew-cutted fundamentalists, PTSD sufferers—all seeking purpose and direction.

And Alaska gave it to them. The Last Frontier is vast—the perfect refuge for fugitives; the perfect place for vets seeking a mission. More than 400 fugitives would meet Bill and company on the wrong side of a gun, and he would learn many lessons along the way—like even tiptoeing through snow can get you shot and removing a gun from the butt crack of a 300-pound man is not as easy as it sounds.

Bill was just enjoying the ride until one day the FBI asked him to go undercover, and his road forked. Schaeffer Cox was a private militia commander building an arsenal and plotting to kill judges and law enforcement officers. Bill’s mission would be tohelp take Cox and his militia down, without a shot being fired.

The Blood of Patriots traverses a wide swath of rugged territory. Raucously funny and stark, it depicts men who were once brothers in arms serving their country—often on opposite sides—in a deadly test of the intricacies of liberty, the proper role of government, and the true meaning of patriotism. It offers a witty and unsettling look at political rhetoric gone awry, all set in the beautiful, terrifying landscape of our 49th state.

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About the Authors

Bill  Fulton

Bill Fulton is an Army veteran with extensive and ongoing training in anti-terrorism, weapons and explosives, hazardous materials, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, WMDs, public health and safety, emergency management, surveillance and operations, law enforcement, and military justice. He is also an adrenaline junkie who owned and operated a fugitive recovery service in Anchorage, Alaska, that took more than 400 criminals off the streets. During his career, he has worked with the Army Criminal Investigation Division, the FBI, and other governmental agencies, while working undercover to apprehend domestic terrorists.

He currently works as an undercover operative with the FBI, and other Federal and State agencies. Bill lives in an undisclosed location with his wife, two children, and assorted pets. When he is not assisting governmental agencies in combatting domestic terrorism, he enjoys organic gardening, permaculture, reading, being a dad, and fine wine.

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Jeanne  Devon

Jeanne Devon is a New York Times bestselling author, political writer, and the founding editor of the multiple-award winning blog, The Mudflats. Devon catapulted to national attention when Sarah Palin was nominated as the Republican candidate for Vice President, and The Mudflats became one of America’s primary sources of information for all things Palin. The Mudflats is a two-time Bloggers’ Choice Award winner for best political blog in the nation, and has also been honored by The Alaska Press Club, receiving multiple awards for best blog commentary across all media, including for her coverage of the Alaska militia movement in 2014. Devon is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Her reporting has been featured on CNN, Daily Kos, and TruthOut. The Mudflats has been linked and cited by many media outlets including The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Salon, Politico, The Week, The Guardian, Wonkette, and The Los Angeles Times. She has been a guest on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, the CBC’s News Network, and many national, regional and local radio broadcasts.

A New Jersey native, she moved to Alaska more than two decades ago seeking adventure, and found it. During her time on The Last Frontier, she has sold radio advertising, hosted a daily radio feature, shot a halibut, owned a retail gift shop, blogged about politics, and raised two awesome kids.

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Publication Details

Format: E-book (epub)

ISBN: 978-1-944648-08-4

Publication Date: September 2017

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-1-944648-07-7

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1 in.

Weight: 1.25 lbs.

Publication Date: September 2017

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