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The Innovation Blind Spot provides an insider perspective on an emerging revolution in entrepreneurship. The smartest entrepreneurs, investors, and firms will exploit society's blind spots, finding success in opportunities that are currently being overlooked. This book reveals where these opportunities are and how to pursue them.

Fast Company — book review on September 28, 2017

Christopher Schroeder — author Q&A on LinkedIn; September 6, 2017

Forbes — author interview on September 18, 2017

Huffington Post — author interview on September 12, 2017

Tech.Co — author guest post on September 12, 2017 [link updated]

Business Insider — author guest post on September 11, 2017

Black to Business (podcast) — book mention on August 29, 2017

Weekend Briefing — book article during weekend of September 16-17, 2017

ImpactAlpha — book article to run on September 12, 2017 [link updated]

TechCrunch — op-ed to run week of September 12, 2017

ImpactAlpha (podcast) — author interview on September 11, 2017 

Backstage Capital (podcast) — air date TK

What Could Go Right? (podcast) — air date TK

The Weekly Wonk (podcast) — air date TK

800-CEO-READ — ”Business Books to Watch in September”; September 6, 2017

Christian Graham (blog) — book review on September 3, 2017

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