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TOFU Magazine — review on December 5, 2017

Vegan Food & Living (UK) — recipe excerpts to run in December 2017 issue [see attachments]

VegNews  — book mentioned in November/December 2017 issue

PlantBased Magazine — book feature in December 2017 issue [see attachments]

Inspire Health magazine — recipes to be featured in Nov/Dec 2017 issue

Optimum Nutrition Magazine — recipe excerpts featured in October 2017 issue

New York Family magazine — feature on August 16, 2017

New York Post — feature ran on January 2, 2018; readership 1,465,996 

STAR Magazine — author/book feature on December 20, 2017; circ. 6,085,000

OK! Magazine — author/book feature in December 2017 issue; circ. 1,662,500

Closer Weekly — book and recipes to be featured in their January 10, 2018 issue

Women’s World — cover story and 2-page spread in their January 27, 2018 issue; circ. 3,076,199 

US Weekly — book to be featured in the Best Diets issue on December 27, 2017; circ. 6,850,000 

Vanity Fair — book mention in Hot Type section of Holiday issue, out first week of December 2017 

La Repubblica (Italy) — author interview this week; will run TK

Science Magazine — book review to run in March 2, 2018 issue; circ. 129,559

Booklist Review — book review, ran in February 1, 2018 issue

Origin Magazine — book/recipe feature in April/May 2018 issue

Vegan Food & Living — recipe feature in April 2018 issue

Mantra Wellness — book feature in April 2018 issue

The Seaside Times (FL) — Book spotlight to run for Sept. and Oct., out on September 1, 2017 ahead of Labor Day weekend

Inspire Health magazine — excerpt in November/December 2017 issue

Vegan Living magazine — excerpt in October 2017 issue

Vegan Living magazine — excerpt in October 2017 issue

Celebrate Gluten-Free — review in August 2017 issue

Gluten Free & More — excerpts in October/November 2017 issue

Allergic Living magazine — review in summer 2017 issue

First for Women (magazine) — author feature on stands October 19, 2017

Woman’s World ― author expert quote in May 15, 2017 issue

First for Women ― author quoted in article in March 2, 2017 issue (attached)

Gay & Lesbian Review — book review in either the November/December issue our January/February issue

Publishers Weekly — book review; called the book “fascinating”

Foreword Magazine — review to run in the September/October issue

  • Entertainment Weekly — excerpt in October 2017 issue

The New York Times — author interview and book feature running on July 7, 2017

Daily Mail — print, online, and video feature on June 27, 2017

Albany Ti​mes Union (Albany, NY) — author article on October 16, 2016​ (updated with link)

Astronomy magazine (circ. 103,281) – author article featuring book to appear in August 2016 issue

M/I/S/C Magazine – author interview in upcoming issue 

Aeon magazine – article featuring book excerpts in upcoming May 2nd, 2016 issue

Inspire Health – recipes featured in July/August 2017 issue

Forks Over Knives Magazine — recipe excerpts in December 2017 issue

New York Family Magazine — author interview to run late June

People Magazine People Food Page Feature (Recipe: Watermelon Granita) — recipe feature in the June 15 issue; online run on June 16, 2017 

Town and Country Cookbook of the Month — book mention on May 1, 2017 

The Washington Post — book review to run via “Book World” section, Sunday, March 26, 2017

Los Angeles Times (circ 500K) — author interview to run on March 8, 2017 [date and link updated]

Contexts — book review and full cover show in the American Sociological Association’s magazine’s May issue

The Guardian ― book review and author interview to run in the February 25, 2017 issue

American Journal of Play — book excerpt in April 2017 issue

InTouch ― feature in February 2, 2017 issue 

Superfood Magazine – book feature in issue releasing February 27, 2017

Midwest Book Review — book review in January issue. From the review: “Simply stated, “The Recipe Hacker Confidential” is enthusiastically and unreservedly recommended for personal, family, and community library cookbook collections.”

Foreword Reviews – review featured in the Cozy Up Section (mailed in the publication’s winter issue). From the review: “Her new cookbook contains more than 120 recipes that are free of the worst toxic offenders: gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and refined sugar.  They are, however, full of flavor and nutrition and readily counter anyone’s belief that healthy food can’t be scrumptious. … inspirational (but not preachy) suggestions for achieving another step toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Elevated Existence Magazine – cover feature and author interview to run in a spring issue

Vibrant Life Magazine – Book feature in July/August 2016 issue

VegWorld Magazine – Author on January 2016 cover, alongside author-written article featured in same issue; book review and recipe excerpt

VegNews Magazine  – Book chosen as a Top Media Pick, Best Books in October/November 2015 issue


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