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Your Company Sucks

By Mark Stevens


Publication Date: August 2011

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It’s every businessperson’s nightmare: his or her company is failing, dysfunctional, stuck in neutral, and is disappointing overall, from the finances to the customer feedback.

Put bluntly–but candidly–the company sucks.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Every business can rebound from its lows, regain its momentum, thrill its customers, and be the source of pride and profits its owners and shareholders seek.

This U-turn must begin with you, the owner or senior manager, declaring war on yourself. By facing the fact that the malaise is the business suffers from ultimately is your responsibility and your doing, and even more important, will not be rectified unless you take the lead. Face the hard truth. Take the difficult actions. Demonstrate determination, creativity and resolve.

Your Company Sucks pulls back the curtain on business performance. To reveal the four real world reasons businesses decline, to identify them as red flags, and to provide a powerful and innovative methodology to transition from failure to flourish.

This groundbreaking book makes three points clear:

1. The key to long term business success is for the leader to Declare War on him/herself so that the company never rests on its laurels.

2. Only four factors lead to business failure/decline/lack of growth/dysfunctionality. Identifying and addressing these plagues is the focus of the war.

3. Customer satisfaction is a curse in disguise. The overwhelming need is to thrill your customers/clients.

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About the Author

Mark  Stevens

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens is a bestselling author; CEO of MSCO, a results-driven management and marketing firm; and a popular media commentator on a host of business matters including marketing, branding, management, and sales. Stevens is known for delivering business insights with blunt truth and unconventional wisdom.

Mark Stevens shook the marketing establishment with his Business Week bestseller, Your Marketing Sucks (Random House/Crown Business, 2003), and redefined the rules of sales with God Is A Salesman. He is the author of 24 business-related books, including the bestsellers: The Big Eight, King Icahn, and Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of EF Hutton (a Wall Street Journal bestseller and Library Journal “Business Book of the Year”).

Stevens’ incisive understanding of critical business issues is geared toward achieving extraordinary growth and success for his clients. His firm, MSCO, represents a stellar roster of clients. Through integrated marketing campaigns, MSCO focuses on achieving financial results for its clients instead of awards that serve egos. Stevens possesses an innovative and iconoclastic view of the business world.

He is an in-demand speaker at organizations from Siemens, Virgin Air, Nike, and Oracle to the American Chamber of Commerce Executives. A frequent guest commentator, Stevens lends his insights and opinions on a wide variety of topics, from Carl Icahn’s latest moves (Fox Business Channel) to Tom Cruise’s image (Fox News Channel), to “Why Successful Business People Don’t Sleep” (New York Times), and how to “Be a Better Boss in 2007” (

His wildly successful blog, Unconventional Thinking, is in the top one percent of all published blogs (out of 95 million blogs) and was recently named in the top 10 of all marketing blogs. Stevens is a regular guest blogger for and the digital PR blogger for PR News Online. More about Mark Stevens can be found at

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Publication Details

Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 5.25 x 8 x 1 in.

Weight: 1.25 lbs.

Publication Date: August 2011

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