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The Book of Karen

By Karen K. Klaren and Karen Janson


Filled with the sorts of brain teasers, coloring pages, crossword puzzles, riddles, connect-the-dots, recipes, crafts, fill-in-the-blanks, and prompts found in any traditional adult activity book, this gift-book-in-disguise subverts the genre by mocking the horrible and horribly privileged women and men who might be the traditional consumer of those books, and whose videoed and memed behaviors have made the name “Karen” a cringeworthy catchall name for a “rude, obnoxious, and insufferable middle aged white woman.”

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ISBN: 9781953295064

Publication Date: January 2021

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Karen and Kevin demand a lot these days. From speaking to a manager to seeing birth certificates to requiring permits to sell lemonade, there’s no 911 call they won’t make, no social norm nor grace today’s put-upon white person won’t upend, in an effort to exercise and maintain their privilege.

The Book of Karen: An Activity Book for Reactionary Adults demands only one thing: you laugh at them.

Filled with the kinds of stickers, brain teasers, word searches, crossword puzzles, riddles, connect-the-dots, crafts, fill-in-the-blanks, and prompts found in any traditional adult activity book, The Book of Karen subverts and parodies the genre by highlighting the horrible behaviors of the entitled women and men whose videoed and memed behaviors would be comical were they not so condemnable.

As much an activity book as as it is as call to action, The Book of Karen contains a comprehensive and useful list of anti-Karen nonprofits, especially those focusing on social justice, voting rights, pay equity, LGBTQIA rights, immigration, hunger and food instability, disability services, and victim’s rights to raise awareness and for readers to support, learn more about, and work with to fight the status quo.

A portion of the proceeds from The Book of Karen will directly go to benefit The Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit committee working to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment, challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting the basic human rights for the most vulnerable Americans.

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About the Authors

Karen K.  Klaren

Karen K. Klaren lives, loves, and laughs with her husband, Kevin, and their children, Kaleigh and Kevin, Jr. in the U.S.A. She enjoys giving directions for people to go back where they came from, and would like to speak to the manager.

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Karen  Janson

Karen Janson is a newly-single mother to three unvaccinated kids and one unleashed dog. When she’s not dialing 911, Karen enjoys cross-stitching “No Trespassing.”

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Publication Details

Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781953295064

Dimensions: 7 x 9 x 1 in.

Weight: 1 lbs.

Publication Date: January 2021

Format: E-book (epub)

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