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By Mark W. Tiedemann

ISBN: 9781933771106

Publication Date: July 2005


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When corporate security officer Mace Preston’s wife Helen dies in a construction accident on Mars, Mace is convinced it was sabotage. But the company they both worked for blocks his investigation, and years later, living on the vast orbital polis he and Helen once called home, he is no closer to discovering what really happened and ready to give up entirely.

Until he meets Nemily Dollard, a cyberlink whose curious past and peculiar abilities to interface with databases and, though encoded overlays, literally become other people present Mace with the chance to find out the truth.

But Nemily may be at the center of another disaster like the one on Mars. And to refuse to help Mace find out what his wife knew could mean the deaths of tens of thousands, and the destruction of Mace and Nemily’s adopted orbital home.


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About the Author

Mark W.  Tiedemann

Mark W. Tiedemann is the author of Mirage and Chimera, both in the Asimov’s Robot Mystery series; Compass Reach (part of the Secantis Sequence), for which he earned a nomination for the Philip K. Dick Award; and Remains. He has also contributed to the Smart Pop book The The Anthology at the End of the Universe.

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ISBN: 9781933771106

Publication Date: July 2005