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Jack Bauer for President

Edited by Richard Miniter


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Publication Date: February 2008

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Jack Bauer for President: Terrorism and Politics in 24 looks at the way “24” reflects, distorts and comments upon our modern political landscape. “24” is one of the most gripping, dramatic and addictive shows on television, but how much of it is realistic? And what does the show have to say about modern politics and foreign policy in America’s fight against terrorism?

The book takes on the show’s images of terrorism, government and politics, as well as the ethics and effectiveness of counterterrorism practices. Does it take a terrorist to fight a terrorist? How much do “the people” have a right to know in life-threatening circumstances? How effective do we really want our heroes to be?

Addressing these issues and enriching the “24” viewing experience are authors prominent in fields ranging from philosophy, psychology, political science and counterterrorism. Each contributor was so passionate about the show that we did not have to resort to the threat of electrical wires, heart defibrillators, chemical injections or old-fashioned bone breaking to get our information!

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About the Editor

Richard  Miniter

Richard Miniter is the author of two New York Times–bestselling books, Losing Bin Laden and Shadow War, and is an internationally recognized expert on terrorism. He lives in Arlington, Va.

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Format: Paperback

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1 in.

Weight: 1 lbs.

Publication Date: February 2008

Format: E-book (epub)

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