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Investigating CSI

Edited by Donn Cortez


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This selection of smart, accessible essays covers CSI’s cutting-edge science, intriguing mysteries and engaging personal dynamics. Essays from experts in the field illuminate such processes as DNA testing, ballistics, crime-scene photography and autopsy procedure. With pieces that focus on the leads’ varying appeals, the history of forensics on television, the show’s treatment of alternate sexualities, and whether the incredible attention to detail actually gives criminals an advantage, this anthology provides an in-depth investigation that enriches the viewing experience.


Bruce Bethke, Gary Currie, Doranna Durgin. Steven Egger, Elizabeth Engstrom. Janine Hiddlestone. Det. Christine Kruse-Feldstein. Nick Mamatas, Timothy Palmbach, Dr. Katherine Ramsland. Adam Roberts, Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Molly Snodgrass, Matthew Woodring Stover, Rick Workman

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About the Editor

Donn  Cortez

Don DeBrandt has been accused of authoring The Quicksilver Screen, Steeldriver, Timberjak, V.I. and the “Angel” novel Shakedown, as well as writing two books under the pseudonym Donn Cortez: The Closer, a thriller, and The Man Burns Tonight, a mystery set at Burning Man (to be published in August 2005). He does not deny these charges. His two current novels are CSI: Miami—Cult Following and CSI: Miami—Riptide.

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Format: E-book (epub)

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