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How to Lead Nonprofits

By Nick Grono


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Learn how to strengthen your leadership and maximize your nonprofit organization’s impact by leveraging each of its three foundational components: purpose, people, and partners.

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ISBN: 9781637745199

Publication Date: July 2024

ISBN: 9781637745205

Publication Date: July 2024

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“A clear and compelling road map for social sector leadership, enlivened with vivid examples and strong writing. This work can help any nonprofit CEO who seeks to transform inspired purpose into a powerful flywheel of tangible impact.”
—Jim Collins, author, Good to Great and Good to Great and the Social Sectors

For nonprofit leaders who want to strengthen their leadership and increase the effectiveness of their organizations, this guide sets out a path to achieving greater impact—featuring success stories from real nonprofit leaders.

Nonprofit leadership is hard. Most new nonprofit leaders are ill-prepared for the challenges they will face. And many experienced ones struggle to ensure their organizations deliver the change they are committed to.

Looking for guidance, many turn to books on business leadership, but nonprofits are not meant to be run just like businesses—different incentives drive different priorities. In particular, nonprofit leaders have a key advantage over business leaders in that purpose is fundamental to their organization’s work.

From Nick Grono, Freedom Fund CEO and a nonprofit leader with decades of experience, How to Lead Nonprofits offers a leadership framework centered on what matters most for success:

  • Achieving outsize impact by pursuing your organization’s purpose
  • Building an inclusive culture that motivates and empowers your team
  • Partnering with the community you serve, funders, and peer organizations to scale impact

With examples and testimony from non-profit and charity leaders around the world, framed by Grono’s expertise, this is a highly useable guide to harnessing the power of purpose to shape everything your organization does—internally and externally—as you seek to change the world.

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About the Author

Nick  Grono

Nick Grono has decades of experience leading and chairing nonprofits. He is the CEO of the Freedom Fund, a highly successful charity dedicated to ending modern slavery around the world, and he serves on a number of nonprofit boards and acts as advisor to many nonprofit CEOs.

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Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781637745199

Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1 in.

Weight: 1 lbs.

Publication Date: July 2024

Format: E-book (epub)

ISBN: 9781637745205

Publication Date: July 2024

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