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Fake Alibis

By Frank Sibila


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Publication Date: September 2009

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When Keith wants to keep his wife from finding out about a beautiful 20-something redhead, he calls the only person he knows who can find the perfect cover for him—Frank Sibila, a man whose clientele ranges from cheating housewives to diplomats. Holed up in the men’s room, a panicked Keith explains to Frank that his wife has just shown up at the restaurant where he and the redhead are dining. Frank assures him he will be there in 10 minutes. What Frank doesn’t know is that 10 minutes from now, his already drama-packed life will get even more interesting.

Keith’s case should be business as usual … nothing out of the ordinary for the owner and operator of, the real-life Web service that vouches for your “perfectly innocent” whereabouts. Frank twists believable tales to exonerate clients around the world, which he fortifies with agent testimony, receipts, fake news stories and whatever else is needed.

Caught in a Chicago hotel room with four hookers and a donkey? Frank can place you having a slice of pizza in Truth or Consequences, facing neither truth nor consequence.

In this hilarious all-new novel inspired by his real-life exploits, Frank finds himself trapped between a hapless husband who has run into big trouble in Sin City and an implacable wronged woman determined to cause Frank grief. It’s all just another day at the office for Frank and his slick operatives … until he misplaces his client.

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About the Author

Frank  Sibila

Frank Sibila (pseudonym) is educated to degree level and started in 2005. The company has served more than 7,000 clients and operates a global stable of 700 undercover agents willing to take casework at a moment’s notice. With 10,000 registered users and an average of 20,000 visitors a month to, business is booming, and keeping a low profile is no easy task for Frank. Frank lives in the U.K.

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Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1 in.

Weight: 1 lbs.

Publication Date: September 2009

Format: E-book (mobi)

Format: E-book (epub)

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