Barry Vacker

Barry Vacker teaches media and cultural theory at Temple University, Philadelphia. The author of many articles and book chapters, his recent publications include the forthcoming textbook anthology, Media Environments (San Diego: Cognella Publishing 2010), which will be marketed nationally as a text for “Mass Media and Society” courses. Vacker wrote the text for Peter Granser’s art photography book about postmillennial culture, Signs (Stuttgart: Hatje Cantz and The Chicago Museum of Contemporary Photography 2008). He authored and designed four books of critical theory, Zero Conditions (2008), Crashing Into the Vanishing Points (2009), Starry Skies Moving Away (2009), and Slugging Nothing: Fighting the Future in Fight Club (2009), all produced by Theory Vortex, an experimental media collaborative founded by Vacker. He also wrote and directed the experimental documentary, Space Times Square (2007), which has screened in festivals and galleries in Beijing, Hamburg, Paris, Dallas, New York, and Philadelphia.

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